Alisha's 2nd Birthday Cake Smash {Eltham, Greenwich, East Dulwich, Bromly Baby Photographer}

August 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One of my favourite little clients turned two in July last year. I had already done her first birthday cake smash and splash session and was amazing to meet her and her mum! So when Alisha's mum phoned me to say she wanted to do a 2nd birthday cake smash session I was happy and nervous as we didn't know what to expect. I had never done a smash & splash session for kids older than one. We set a date and went for it! She was a little hesitant at the beginning but we still got some really cute pictures. I can't tell you how much love I have for Alisha and her mum! Can't wait for you to see her 3rd Birthday Cake smash hahaha yes! we did her third  birthday too but without the Splash... Here are some of my favourites from her session Hope you like them.

If you are interested in booking a Cake Smash & Splash Session the best time to do it is at least 2 months before their 1st Birthday. All my sessions take place in my home in Eltham unfortunately I don't travel to my client’s house for this kind of session. For more details why not contact me today on or you can contact me using my contact tab  You can also like my page on Facebook to ensure you get the latest alerts about offers & promotions.

Chao Chao


IMG_0411_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerIMG_0411_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerALISHA-2ND-BIRTHDAY-CAKE-SMASH-LONDON-GREENWICH-BABY-PHOTOGRAPHER IMG_0436_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerIMG_0436_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerALISHA-2ND-BIRTHDAY-CAKE-SMASH-LONDON-GREENWICH-BABY-PHOTOGRAPHER IMG_0425_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerIMG_0425_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerALISHA-2ND-BIRTHDAY-CAKE-SMASH-LONDON-GREENWICH-BABY-PHOTOGRAPHER IMG_0417_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerIMG_0417_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerALISHA-2ND-BIRTHDAY-CAKE-SMASH-LONDON-GREENWICH-BABY-PHOTOGRAPHER IMG_0516_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerIMG_0516_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerALISHA-2ND-BIRTHDAY-CAKE-SMASH-LONDON-GREENWICH-BABY-PHOTOGRAPHER IMG_0513_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerIMG_0513_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerALISHA-2ND-BIRTHDAY-CAKE-SMASH-LONDON-GREENWICH-BABY-PHOTOGRAPHER IMG_0565_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerIMG_0565_FB_WEB-baby-family-eltham-bromley-greenwich-blackheath-shooters-hill-london-photographerALISHA-2ND-BIRTHDAY-CAKE-SMASH-LONDON-GREENWICH-BABY-PHOTOGRAPHER


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